mental health and your business

Petra and her team believe that we should invest in our mental health in the same way that we invest in our physical health. Our Mental Health Services will strategically help you create and sustain the investment into your organisation’s mental health. We do this by embedding mental health strategy into your organisational culture and ensure senior leaders and people managers have the language, skills and technology necessary for creating a mentally healthy workplace.

"As the health of the workforce continues to deteriorate, the focus must shift from disconnnected tactical initiatives to joined-up strategic solutions."

-Dr. Wolfgang Seidl (2017) - Seizing the Momentum. BITC

  • We offer a clear process of what to do first.

  • We guide you on embedding mental health into your culture.

  • We offer ongoing clinical support to ensure sustainability.

All sessions are bespoke to your organization. We consider your industry, where you’re at in your mental health journey and utilize case studies and practice cases that are applicable to your organization.


to understand your business and which stage of the process would be most appropriate for you to start from.



"85% of managers acknowledge that employee well-being is their responsibility, but only 30% of line managers report that they have received any training."

Mental Health at Work 2018 Summary Report - BITC

I thought Petra’s training was excellent, one of the best training sessions I have probably ever attended. It was both informative but enjoyable and I only wish the training could have lasted longer.

-AMEY employee after MENTAL HEALTH AMBASSADOR training



mental health awareness

Start the conversation with a basic understanding of mental health at work & everyone’s responsibility in creating a mentally healthy culture. Suitable for all staff.



mental health strategy

Get your HR, People teams, Culture & Engagement professionals skilled up on the business case for mental health at work. Receive a clinically backed strategic framework & create a sustainable plan for being at the cutting edge of creating the best place to work and cutting crisis costs.




Sustainable change comes when the message starts from the top. Our leadership course teaches concepts, language and implementation of the mental health strategy.




Mental Health is everyone’s business. Our ambassador program trains volunteers from all levels of the organisation in spotting signs of poor mental health & teaches how to create positive campaigns to ensure mental health remains high on the business agenda.




To ensure a sustainable impact, we offer remote training & monthly support for HR, People Teams and Engagement & Culture Roles which provides clinical guidance on strategy implementation and specific issues your company is facing.


Top-up Courses

In your strategy session you may discover that you benefit from additional specialist support.

We offer:
   • Stress and Resilience
   • Emotional Intelligence & Empathy for Leaders
   • Mental Health First Aid
   • Mindfulness at Work Course


what they’re saying

The Mental Health for Leaders course was very informative and interactive. Made us step outside our comfort zone to help us understand the situation and know how to react differently.
— MANAGER, Financial Wealth Management
Petra’s workshops were intelligent, compassionate and fun. Both young people and teachers gain so much from her knowledge and expertise. She knows how to make people feel safe and open. The BRIT SCHOOL will look to work with Petra in the future.

This was good. The practical exercises and personal story help us to think about Mental Health, our role as ambassadors and how we engage with people. Without these the training would not have been so effective!”

“Petra was very honest about her own experience which made everyone feel at ease to share their own stories. She was engaging and funny.”

“She was inspirational!”

-Employees of AMEY after MENTAL HEALTH AMBASSADOR training

Loved Petra’s clearcut way of speaking. Hope to join for more soon.
— Prady
Brilliant to see the huge turnout and the high quality of all aspects of the event.
— Bruce Stevenson Insurance