23: I choose Life with Robin Coghlan

With 3 rock bottoms, including leaving home at 16, corporate burnout and leaving the perfect relationship, Robin and I go deep into what it takes to be fully alive. We talk about our fight or flight survival instincts impacting intimacy in relationships, how physical symptoms of burnout and stress are often pointing to not living a passionate life and how it's not about being happy or sad, it's about being fully ALIVE! 

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22: Grief and Depression - a practical guide to finding Joy with Sam Allen

So Sam Allen lost her dad in December 2015 and this podcast is packed with practical ways to process grief and manage depression symptoms through creativity and connection.  She experienced a happy childhood with her parents messy divorce prompting her first taste of adversity and subsequent depression.


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21: How losing a child built a zest for life with Adele Duncan

So excited to interview Adele Duncan, an amazing woman who mentored me a few years back when life was particularly challenging. She's the CEO of a gambling addiction organisation and has the most amazing work ethic I've ever seen. 

After having a son, they discovered their newborn daughter Paige had a genetic disorder that would sadly mean she would pass away at 2 1/2 when her brother was just 5...

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20: Recycle your Pain into Power with Mike Cooper

At only 21, Mike C is the youngest person we've ever had on the podcast, but his wisdom is that of a much older man. After some comfortable younger years living in Germany while his step-father was in the army, it was a shock to his 11 year old system to move to inner city London with 3 siblings, parents and grandparents in a 2 bed flat...

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17: How Courage Is Built through one small Action a Day

'I learned early on that if I didn't push hard in any direction then I would never be disappointed...so I floated through life and just fell into things' 

Join me for my conversation with Chris Day as we explore the down side to staying safe. As soon as he attached importance to a task or career, he developed crippling anxiety and describes falling into jobs and relationships as a way of avoiding making any conscious decisions about the direction in his life

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12: How to Be a Man with Simon Seligman

'It was a profound mistake to send me away to boarding school. I was 8 years old and I was homesick continuously until I was 15'

Simon Seligman is a life coach with 25 years experience in the Arts & Communication industry.  While this story couldn't be farther away from my own, the skills for getting through life's difficulties resonate with me profoundly!...

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6: Amanda Devine on Burnout, Bereavement and Cancer

Travelling to find herself after her fathers death & her subsequent burnout, she returned to London only to find a lump in her breast. The 3rd person in a family of 4 to experience cancer, Amanda scheduled this interview in between chemotherapy treatments, determined to talk about her learning, despite currently being in the thick of adversity. 

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