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Coaching, therapy, mental health.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, joy, trust, intimacy, courage, everything that brings meaning and joy to our life! 

- Brene Brown


"I'm Petra, and it's my mission to teach you to embrace your ADversity, and turn your BIGGEST weakness into your greatest STRENGTH!



Petra Velzeboer is a Co-Active Coach and Psychotherapist who is a member of the BACP Register and the International Coach Federation. She holds an MSc in Psychodynamics of Human Development and has an extensive background in the mental health at work field.

Petra's personal passion is to help people learn to turn their pain into purpose. She believes that when we give back and contribute to society we create a new story, one of connection and power that is stronger BECAUSE of our adversity, not despite it. Petra hosts a podcast called Adversity to Advantage and presents a Spotify Original podcast titled Killing it: Adventures in Startups and Mental Health.

Petra is the co-founder of Cobalt Mental Health  which combines technology with psychology and mental well-being expertise to create innovative solutions that enable employers to measure and monitor the mental health of their employees objectively and confidentially.  She believes that if we skill up our leaders in empathy and how to have difficult conversations we could achieve the recommendations laid out in the Thriving at Work review for mentally healthy workplaces.

develop your courage muscle and change everything


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1-2-1 Coaching or therapy

As a therapist and coach, my aim is to help you understand the patterns of your past but unlike some therapies, we won’t stay stuck in the problem! We’ll use practical tools for shifting your thought process and give you space to find your own clarity so you can set achievable goals that will shift the trajectory of your life.

Speaking & Training

Petra speaks on issues such as Mental Health Awareness, Stress and Resilience, how to increase Empathy for leaders and Practical Tools for looking after your own mental health.  Her style is approachable and practical. Her aim is for her audience to immediately translate her talk into practical tools for success.

What they're saying..

“I started coaching with Petra when I was in the depths of anxiety and depression. I felt on the margins of life and struggled with motivation and hope.
Petra helped me shake off that hopelessness using a wide range of approaches...she helped me refine my goals, ignite my enthusiasm and helped me rekindle my success, strengths and drive.
She was masterful at asking questions which helped me see the up-side, the empowering aspect of issues which were troubling me. She guided me into seeing, feeling and believing in a future full of potential and opportunities.
6 sessions and 8 months later I have conducted over 15 webinars, concluded a number of training projects, have 5 new executive coaching clients and feel confident and excited about 2017.
I am deeply grateful to Petra and highly recommend her as a powerful coach who will help you see light and opportunities even in the darkest tunnels.”
— MARIA KASSOVA, founder of MK
I thought Petra’s training was excellent, one of the best training sessions I have probably ever attended. It was both informative but enjoyable and I only wish the training could have lasted longer.”

“This was good. The practical exercises and personal story help us to think about Mental Health, our role as ambassadors and how we engage with people. Without these the training would not have been so effective.!”

“Petra was very honest about her own experience which made everyone feel at ease to share their own stories. She was engaging and funny.”

“She was inspirational!
— Employees of AMEY after MENTAL HEALTH AMBASSADOR training

Petra has an incredible ability to unlock parts of my mind that no one else can. The smart bit however is that she doesn’t do it, she gets ME to do it, which is all the more rewarding, fulfilling and ultimately life-improving.
Petra is an excellent therapist. I’ve had therapists before where it feels like you are talking to a wall, because they are so intent on not showing emotion - she is honest, genuine and expressive, which makes for a productive client-therapist relationship.

Petra’s workshops were intelligent, compassionate and fun. Both young people and teachers gain so much from her knowledge and expertise. She knows how to make people feel safe and open. The BRIT SCHOOL will look to work with Petra in the future.