Petra Velzeboer speaks internationally at conferences and events on the topics of mental health, resilience and cultivating a success mindset. Her incredible story complimented by her clinical expertise creates a dynamic mix of expertise and practice. Her aim is to leave the audience with practical tools for implementing mental health strategies in the workplaceand adjusting their mindset to thrive through change at work and life.

Topics include:

  • • Mental Health Innovation • Success Mindset • Adversity & Resilience • Technology & Mental Health • How to Change Your Whole Life . How Corportes are Like Cults & how to Avoid Toxic Work Cultures and more.

Speaker’s Reel


Petra's keynote speech at the UnA conference was incredible. With such a tricky subject to discuss, she got the point across in a way that isn't too clinical or condescending but was instead, magnificent.
Petra is funny, engaging, to the point and actually knows what she's talking about! I feel that she's given me everyday tools to start making mental health a daily conversation with friends, family and colleagues.
-phillipa davis, tldallas.

Seen at Spotify, Monzo.com, MVF Global,  Brit School, Interesting Talks, LoveX, The University of Bedfordshire, FUNZING, Expat Talks, AMEY and many more places, Petra's bespoke talks & workshops have impacted the lives of 1000's employees, students and individuals from all parts of society.

Her unique and approachable style is interactive and engaging, leaving you with practical tools for resilience, good mental health  and happiness at work and at home. 


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We invited Petra to speak at a conference with 50+ construction staff & everyone was blown away by the insight that Petra offered into our own selves. It was almost astounding to watch the shift in the room as it became ok for everyone to talk to each other. We are fortunate that this has reflected positively in productivity and we are hopeful that with Petra’s ongoing support, this dynamic has permanently changed for the better.
— BEN WARD, Managing Director - THE BUILT WORLD
Petra’s workshops were intelligent, compassionate and fun. Both young people and teachers gain so much from her knowledge and expertise. She knows how to make people feel safe and open. The BRIT SCHOOL will look to work with Petra in the future.
I would highly recommend Petra as a knowledgeable and credible speaker on mental health issues. She has worked with the team at Amey over the past 12 months to challenge and change opinion and support our wellbeing agenda. Petra’s authentic and engaging style, delivering at our National Conferences, has been key to the success of our Wellbeing Programme.
Inspirational. The talk was targeted at the right level and staff really felt they got a lot out of it Petra was absolutely fantastic - very inspirational and really engaging. We had very good staff feedback from all four schools.
Petra takes the sensitive subject of mental health and makes it accessible to anyone regardless or their background or experience. Petra is a true partner, bringing awareness and sustainability of employees mental well-being into organisations. Examples include 1) developing a mental health ambassador programme to provide confidential support within the organisation. And 2) Developing managers in simple bite sized chunks to equip them with the confidence to manage mental health to support their best performance within team.
The facilitator was very open. Got people talking who are not naturally inclined to do so. Very engaging and I took away and immediate action plan.
— COO, Financial Wealth Management Service

It was a fantastic event and I've come away with a lot of fresh ideas on how best to manage/evaluate mental health in my working environment."
"One of the best seminars I have attended."
"Fantastic event, Petra was a wonderful speaker and gave me a few things to think about and take away with me."
"The speaker was fantastic and really helped people, who were normally strangers to each other in work, talk openly about how they were feeling in a more normal way free of how they thought they would be perceived. She made the subject more open and her anecdotes also helped make it easier to talk about how we feel. some good ideas from her as well and I found it very helpful."
"Great level of information and lots of ideas to take back to my business with a view of implementation."
"Petra was brilliant & I could spend all day listening to her. Really interested in topic."
"I didn't know what to expect as I have never attended an event like that before. I left feeling secure within myself, emotional at connecting with my feelings and the feelings of other people and feeling like somewhere within my brain something had "clicked". Only 1 hour after leaving and I already feel like today is the beginning of something special. I want to thank you for allowing me to attend the event and I would love to attend an event of a similar nature at some point in the near future."
"Petra was amazing and could have listened all day. Very interesting, relative and topical. I will practice to actively listen and the take away the importance of connecting. An excellent event."
"The speaker was one of the best I have seen. Thank you."

-staff, bruce stevenson insurance.

An excellent experience all round. Extremely well organised, comfortable venue and excellent speaker. I have known Petra for 18 months and already know her to be open, authentic and warm hearted. Her talk demonstrated command of her subject and her audience and left me with lots of great tips and personal inquiries to work on for my own personal development and growth.
Petra’s story was fascinating, and formed a strong thread for her larger point.
I would definitely recommend to listen to Petra’s talk to anyone. Easy to follow and very inspirational.
Thank you Petra for a fascinating talk. I learned lots of information and I am looking forward to putting it into practice.
Petra was honest, open and well spoken. The talk gave practical tips to move forward, was interactive and engaging. Petra is an excellent speaker. I would definitely recommend this talk. I really enjoyed it.
Hi Petra, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the session you delivered at the Managers conference. It was a very different but very welcome addition to the event.
As a manager I have found it very difficult to address mental health in the workplace...it was very reassuring to hear that sometimes just inviting someone to talk can be enough. I have made a pact with myself to start meaningful conversations in my workplace and will start by leading by example and talk about my own mental health.
— M.C.
Petra was so inspirational (her personal story really touched me). Great talk! Made me start seeing things and thinking differently. Def recommend it!