BONUS: A Tough Lesson on Just Being

Ok guys, I recently got back from an amazing week away: nature, hiking, kayaking, digital detox & mostly just stopping to reflect on all sorts of things!

Welcome to an emotional, thought provoking rant on:

  • Hard truths on losing sight of what’s important

  • Asking myself the tough questions like: What do I LOVE & how to build a life around that!

  • The amazing rejuvenating benefits of ACTIVITY & NATURE

  • What it means to LET GO - in work, relationships, experiences

  • What it means to truly BELONG



  • And FINALLY, how to translate the amazing lessons I received from slowing down BACK into HECTIC CITY HUSTLE!

I hope you enjoy this episode & use it as a catalyst for reflecting on your own holidays or slow-down times in order to grow in a way the hustle never truly creates space for!