101. Develop a Growth Mindset with Sam Harris

I simply LOVED this conversation with Sam Harris: A Nomadic Entrepreneur and mastermind behind the Growth Mindset podcast!

We go deep on the topic of a growth mindset: what it means, how building a growth mindset can essentially solve all your problems and the tricky situations Sam found himself in which allowed him to practice these ideas. Sam shares how he’s learned to tips to make good out of any situation by embracing fear!

We discuss:

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • The journey to becoming an entrepreneur

  • How to get excited by your FEAR

  • Showing up

  • Coping with negative experiences

  • The affect of relentless action on our mental health

  • Habits & Practices to continue Growth mindset

  • Setting your mindset up for growth

Everyone has the ability to learn any skill through hard work and perseverance , it really is all down to your mindset. Fear stops us from challenging ourselves Crisis & trauma can sometimes be the catalyst for something better!

You can connect more with sam at Samwebsterharris.com and listen to his podcast at Growthmindsetpodcast.com