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31:When ok is not enough! withTomas Svitorka

Join me for a counter argument on why you don't need to hit rock bottom in order to make choices that improve your life! While Tomas Svitorka definitely experienced some adversity, he chooses to view this simply as life, without the possibility of holding him back. In fact, he wants life to be hard because he knows if he overcomes those challenges he'll make a bigger impact in the world through his work. 

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25: The Paper Cuts that Build Unhappiness - with Dea Fileva

From corporate life to actress and coach, Dea Fileva, knows first hand the pressures of conditioning on the path we take. Dea describes how our parents and society push us into a life that they want us to go in, not one that nurtures our dreams and 30 years in, every paper-cut of giving up on our dreams builds up until we numb the reality so that we don't have to face the hard road of changing things. 

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23: I choose Life with Robin Coghlan

With 3 rock bottoms, including leaving home at 16, corporate burnout and leaving the perfect relationship, Robin and I go deep into what it takes to be fully alive. We talk about our fight or flight survival instincts impacting intimacy in relationships, how physical symptoms of burnout and stress are often pointing to not living a passionate life and how it's not about being happy or sad, it's about being fully ALIVE! 

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21: How losing a child built a zest for life with Adele Duncan

So excited to interview Adele Duncan, an amazing woman who mentored me a few years back when life was particularly challenging. She's the CEO of a gambling addiction organisation and has the most amazing work ethic I've ever seen. 

After having a son, they discovered their newborn daughter Paige had a genetic disorder that would sadly mean she would pass away at 2 1/2 when her brother was just 5...

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