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33: It Get's Better - with John Schless

John Schless is the Chief exec for the Student Union at Greenwich University discussing his journey from a small town setting as head boy at school with girlfriends, to moving to university and coming out as gay. We discuss the adjustment his parents needed to make, how he internalised his struggle with gay shame and turned to food as escapism, how he understands his body and his mind now and the advice he would give to his younger self. 

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29: "I'm Fine" with Nicholas Morgan

Co-Director of Euro Youth Mental Health, Nicholas Morgan knows mental health and young people! "I didn't realise anything was wrong until it broke " he says, of the build up of stress and the pressures leading to a breakdown while driving on the motorway. With no education about how to notice the signs of burnout and stress in his own body...

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20: Recycle your Pain into Power with Mike Cooper

At only 21, Mike C is the youngest person we've ever had on the podcast, but his wisdom is that of a much older man. After some comfortable younger years living in Germany while his step-father was in the army, it was a shock to his 11 year old system to move to inner city London with 3 siblings, parents and grandparents in a 2 bed flat...

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12: How to Be a Man with Simon Seligman

'It was a profound mistake to send me away to boarding school. I was 8 years old and I was homesick continuously until I was 15'

Simon Seligman is a life coach with 25 years experience in the Arts & Communication industry.  While this story couldn't be farther away from my own, the skills for getting through life's difficulties resonate with me profoundly!...

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