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23: I choose Life with Robin Coghlan

With 3 rock bottoms, including leaving home at 16, corporate burnout and leaving the perfect relationship, Robin and I go deep into what it takes to be fully alive. We talk about our fight or flight survival instincts impacting intimacy in relationships, how physical symptoms of burnout and stress are often pointing to not living a passionate life and how it's not about being happy or sad, it's about being fully ALIVE! 

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12: How to Be a Man with Simon Seligman

'It was a profound mistake to send me away to boarding school. I was 8 years old and I was homesick continuously until I was 15'

Simon Seligman is a life coach with 25 years experience in the Arts & Communication industry.  While this story couldn't be farther away from my own, the skills for getting through life's difficulties resonate with me profoundly!...

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