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29: "I'm Fine" with Nicholas Morgan

Co-Director of Euro Youth Mental Health, Nicholas Morgan knows mental health and young people! "I didn't realise anything was wrong until it broke " he says, of the build up of stress and the pressures leading to a breakdown while driving on the motorway. With no education about how to notice the signs of burnout and stress in his own body...

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24: Don't Bottle it Up with Mark Cook

This is the first time Mark Cook is telling his story on a public platform and what a privilege to hear his journey. With no father in his life, an alcoholic mother, losing his gran at 8 years old and figuring out his sexuality, he had a mental breakdown while on the M6 motorway which led him to resign from his job and begin his path to recovery. 

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22: Grief and Depression - a practical guide to finding Joy with Sam Allen

So Sam Allen lost her dad in December 2015 and this podcast is packed with practical ways to process grief and manage depression symptoms through creativity and connection.  She experienced a happy childhood with her parents messy divorce prompting her first taste of adversity and subsequent depression.


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