11: How badly do you want it? - with Happiness Consultant Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke is a happiness consultant, lecturer at The School of Life and runs an online Growth and Happiness school, to name just a few of her many achievements.  

She's also suffered from sickle cell anaemia since she was 5 years old.  Her frequent stints in hospital led to an isolated childhood and her ambition and desire to do things on her own means she struggles asking for help when bouts of pain impact her ability to do the things she wants to do today.  Our stories may be different but the challenges are universal: How do we ask for help, when do we show our vulnerable side on dates, when do we notice the signs for self-care, is it ok to just stop if you're an entrepreneur where the business is solely your responsibility?  'The hill seems insurmountable but it never is. There's always the resource within you' Samantha says and fills me with hope. 

Samantha set off to Brazil to prove that she could live a digital nomads life and ended up in hospital wondering if she was going to die. This frank, honest portrayal of an entrepreneurs life  while suffering from sickle cell anaemia is an inspiration to anyone who deals with adversity every day! 

Find Samantha's work at:  www.samanthaand.co;  @samanthaand_ www.instagram.com/growhappyschool/

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