21: How losing a child built a zest for life with Adele Duncan

So excited to interview Adele Duncan, an amazing woman who mentored me a few years back when life was particularly challenging. She's the CEO of a gambling addiction organisation and has the most amazing work ethic I've ever seen. 

After having a son, they discovered their newborn daughter Paige had a genetic disorder that would sadly mean she would pass away at 2 1/2 when her brother was just 5. Join me as I interview Adele on the resilience that was built through an unimaginable time of doctor's appointments and trying to make the best life for her son. She was determined to let this tragedy teach her to live life to the full but just six months after her daughters death, her body and mind crashed to a place of depression and she was advised to take time off work to look after herself.   With a work ethic so instilled in her from childhood, asking for help felt like admitting defeat but through this experience she learned she had to recognise when to slow down in order to fully live. 

Adele's message is simple: You only have one life, live it to the full. Be fully yourself, notice how to care for you, take every opportunity that comes and love like there's no tomorrow!