25: The Paper Cuts that Build Unhappiness - with Dea Fileva

From corporate life to actress and coach, Dea Fileva, knows first hand the pressures of conditioning on the path we take. Dea describes how our parents and society push us into a life that they want us to go in, not one that nurtures our dreams and 30 years in, every paper-cut of giving up on our dreams builds up until we numb the reality so that we don't have to face the hard road of changing things. 

Her rock bottom came when she realised her life was defined by boredom. Completely successful on the outside, her parents and friends were shocked when she said she'd give it all up to study acting, to feel fully alive.  When there's no extreme abuse or 'bad upbringing' it can be even more difficult to realise that it's up to you and only you, to find the fulfilment and happiness you crave but Dea explains how one step at a time can change everything.