8: From Bankruptcy to Success with Danielle Macleod

A childhood of eating disorders and not fitting in, Danielle then found love and ran a business which threatened her with bankruptcy after just 10 months. Having been head of HR at 26 she was now reduced to playing endless video games locked in the isolation of her shame. 
Join me as we uncover the tools she's cultivated to develop a mindset that saw her through depression, debt and into a life of fulfilment and purpose. 
Filled with practical insight on those very first steps to recovery (go outside!) right into recognising toxic situations before they become overpowering (leave that job if you know its not right!) to the learning that comes from literally having nothing, Danielle will show you that if you keep moving forward you can build up the life you want. 

Danielle has co-founded somebodyinside.com which teaches heartfelt female leadership. She is also trained in Eating Psychology Coaching, specialising in helping women transform their relationship with food and their bodies and escape self-abuse and perfectionism. Her advice is to get out of our own way in order to create our unique impact in the world! 

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