6: Amanda Devine on Burnout, Bereavement and Cancer

Life had been comfortable with little adversity showing up until Amanda Devine's father died. Using work as a weapon for coping she pushed herself through the pain until burnout forced her to stop.  Not being able to articulate what help she needed and worried that friends would think she was mad, she couldn't admit how she felt as she was terrified that her whole 'superwoman' identity would disappear and she'd be left with nothing. 

Travelling to find herself, she returned to London only to find a lump in her breast. The 3rd person in a family of 4 to experience cancer, Amanda scheduled this interview in between chemotherapy treatments, determined to talk about her learning, despite currently being in the thick of adversity. 

A privilege and an honour to listen to her real and authentic life lessons that I know will enrich anyone's life who listens. See more about Amanda Devine at www.amandadevine.com 



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