5: Chris Richards on how hypnotherapy cures depression and how to feel truly empowered!

With a dysfunctional family and a need to run to the army at 15, Chris Richards got what he wished for, an intense discipline and structure which ended up making him question everything.  With poor leadership, his confidence hit an all time low and when he went to the army doctor to talk about his depression he was told to be quiet about it as it would either be his depression or his career, he couldn't have both. 

In a bid to fix himself and the women who had suffered around him when he was young, he poured his curiosity into hypnotherapy and psychology eventually becoming a hypnotherapist and setting up a women's network called 'Truly Empowered'. He now facilitates coaching and online courses for women and enables them to live their true confidence. 

Filled with tips and tricks for how to change your circumstances and give yourself the confidence you need to follow your dreams, Chris' story is engaging and thoughtful. You can find more about him at myhypnocoach.co.uk