BONUS: The Mask of Vulnerability - A hard truth reflection on when we're faking it!

I couldn’t get up this morning.

I was riddled with self-doubt and thought I should just get a F**king job. Entrepreneurship is not for me and I just need to go back to playing small cause this overwhelm of heaviness is just too much. I can’t hack it.

Given my visceral reaction, I thought there’s some growth going on here that’s worth sharing with you all. Perhaps we can grow together. I get tearful, I gesticulate, I get excited covering topics such as:

  • What does our mask of vulnerability (the bit we’re now comfortable showing the outside world), cover up (the bit we’re still scared to show anyone).

  • The self-doubt that can riddle our bodies if we know all the tools and mindset techniques in our minds

  • How the personal development industry can be guilty of fake vulnerability (no body wants to admit they aren’t always doing the right things, after all we’re the ones advising other people how to change their life! What if our life isn’t always CHANGED!?)

  • What growth looks like - we know that in theory it can be messy and ugly but don’t always notice it when it’s happening to us

  • How to reframe what’s possible, embrace learning and just keep fanning the flame of passion no matter how small it is or whether anyone else believes it!

Petra VelzeboerComment