BONUS: Sex & the thoughts on Dating & Relationships

A straight talk on staying sane while dating in the modern age. 

I was in a relationship from the age of 22 to 35. My son was born at 23 and my daughter at 25. I spent 13 years in survival mode, raising kids, getting an education, trying to figure out my own identity and build a career.  

 When the relationship came to an end, I had teenagers, confidence in myself and was excited to find out what I’d been missing out on in this modern age of dating: where swiping, hooking-up, meeting online and what seemed like a million different ways of relating had emerged in liberal London. I was eager to jump right in. 

Two years on, I’ve dated consistently, experienced, the highs of dating more than one person, deep intimacy as well as casual fun as well as the lows of ghosting, loneliness and unfulfilling sex.  Mostly I’ve learned a whole lot about myself, who I am, what I want and what I think is the purpose of relationships.  

This podcast is simply what I’ve learned. It’s my experience coupled with my knowledge of psychology, it’s mess ups & some advice on how to frame dating so it’s fun, that it’s about the journey not the conditioned Disney destination. 

 I cover things like: 

-      Mindfully dating

-      Dating fatigue

-      Mental Health & dating

-      Personal responsibility & the chemistry that gets us into all sorts of tricky situations

-      How to reframe the dating game

-      What dating & relationships can teach us about our triggers, communication and vulnerability

My key takeaways include:

1.    Communicate from a place of vulnerability 

2.    Focus on your growth (that way there’s no bad date)

3.    Have fun

4.    Invest in yourself (you are the best investment for your relationship) 


Let me know what you think!