BONUS: A personal RANT on LOVING the Hustle

Why I refuse to apologise for the hustle!

You know I’ve done a lot of recent content on finding balance! Here’s my rant on loving the hustle! I refuse to apologise for loving to work hard, wanting to build something and feeling privileged every day to be able to build a business!

Listen to this one if you love the hustle and don’t want to apologise for creating something you’ve always dreamed of!

We cover:

  • There’s no shame in enjoying the hustle!

  • The long Silent Hustle - no guaranteed ROI

  • Moments of self-doubt - am I cut out for this?

  • Importance of setting your own boundaries

  • Have we really done enough?

  • Connecting to people with authentic curiosity

  • The real struggle - The dark , painful times.

  • Refusal to sit in self-pity. Your thoughts do not need to dictate what you do.

  • Tips & Hacks / Simplifying things / Powering through.

  • What’s the difference between networking & just hanging out

  • Active recovery

  • Alignment, being on the path that matches your needs

  • Cause & effect

  • Nobody to impress but ourselves!

    Listen to this one if you’ve ever doubted yourself, wanted to build something and want to know what it takes to truly live your best self!