BONUS: I'm Facing the Fear of Writing a Book!

You know when you’re getting to the next level of something big! Something you are MEANT TO DO and the Universe is like … ‘REALLY…YOU SURE YOU CAN HANDLE THAT?!’

I’ve started writing my book (finally!!) and have been reading old cult literature and getting in the zone of vulnerability and it’s like the universe is going, are you sure you can handle the outcome of this, are you ready to build the mental muscle required to deal with the impact of this once it’s out there! Suddenly so many emotions, people from the past and old ways of being simply aren’t enough for this next level!

If you’ve ever thought that the universe throwing you a curve ball meant you shouldn’t be going in that direction, you might just be wrong! It might mean just keep moving closer!

I discuss:

  • Self Doubt

  • The aim of the book

  • The excuses that hold us back

  • Staying focussed

  • Fear of revisiting the past

  • The Tough Questions: Am I willing to pay the price of losing connections through telling my truth

  • Is it fair to tell my story - what gives us the right to tell our story on a public platform?

What fear is showing up in your life right now? Sometimes the best advice in the world just drowns out the voice inside our own hearts about what we think is right and know we should do.

Trust your own voice before other peoples. What is your intuition telling you about your purpose, the direction you need to take and who you’re meant to be?!

Go and do that!