Bonus: A straight talk on taking responsibility for your life!

Ok here goes! It’s just me this episode and I want to give you some hard-hitting advice on taking personal responsibility for your life. Everyone has a ‘reason’ for why they’re down, stuck, overwhelmed, not living their dream and slowly killing their unique impact in the world.

I realised that in 1-2-1 sessions my USP is my directness but in my online content I’m not communicating all the things I want to say, the things I’ve learned from my own life, from the conversations throughout this podcast and the hundreds of therapy, coaching clients and teams I’ve worked with over the years.

I got inspired on a walk with a friend and we focussed down on each of our missions, our stretch zone, our relentless search for growth and I realised that I’ve subtly gotten into another comfort zone, one that highlights other people’s stories but doesn’t really challenge growth online. So I want to bring more of what I do on the ground to what I do here and let you in on some secrets about recovery and change from a place of total rock bottom to relentless success and fulfilment.

As with any pivot I want to do in my work I know I need to put out the imperfect thoughts in order to help me build momentum to getting to the refined message, so here goes, I just put on the voice recorder in my car and captured my views on how to change your life!

If you’re stuck, overwhelmed, relentlessly seeking help and have decided to just accept your label, of your past, of poor mental health, of lack of fulfilment of mediocrity then listen to this episode and let me know what you think through the comments on the website or through Instagram Petra.velzeboer or twitter @PetraVelzeboer

I look forward to hearing from you!