20: Recycle your Pain into Power with Mike Cooper

At only 21, Mike C is the youngest person we've ever had on the podcast, but his wisdom is that of a much older man. After some comfortable younger years living in Germany while his step-father was in the army, it was a shock to his 11 year old system to move to inner city London with 3 siblings, parents and grandparents in a 2 bed flat. HIs behaviour at school declined and at 14 he was permanently excluded from mainstream education and sent to a behavioural unit or PRU. At 15 he was kicked out of his house and sofa-surfed with friends, giving him the biggest lesson in independence and at 18, his life was to change forever, as his step-father was sent to prison for 30 years for attempted murder.  At 18 Mike was now the man of the house and had to step up to support his mother and his siblings.  He figured he needed to learn how to change perspective on his role in life or everything would fall apart. 

This is a good one! It brings me right back to the early days of my career working with kids excluded from school.  Get some insight on how to make your dreams reality no matter what pain is surrounding you.  Connect with Mike on Instagram mike_cooper17 and check out his Youtube channel