94. How Stress Affects Your Health with Dr Amir Rashidian

‘Stress by itself is neutral. Stress by definition is a force that causes good or bad change in our lives: it depends on we respond to it.’

Dr Amir Rashidian grew up in Iran during the revolution, vividly recalling unspeakable trauma he witnessed at a young age. These events led him commit his life to becoming a doctor, to saving lives, and preventing unnecessary death. Staying true to his word Dr Amir Rashidian is now the founder of the Mid Atlantic Clinic, which promotes the improving of health & managing the central cause of STRESS through drug free solutions. He is also author of ‘The StressProof Life: The Secret to Health, Wealth, and Happiness’

During this DEEP conversation we talk:

  • Where stress stems from

  • How stress has heightened in the world and is affecting all of us!

  • Childhood Trauma

  • We apply his techniques to managing PTSD in my own life

  • How we get sick from stress

  • How to build our ability to adapt to stress and build resilience

  • How far reaching chiropractic medicine goes (I had no idea!)

  • The science behind holistic care & how doctors let us down

  • Breathing techniques for managing trauma symptoms

  • Creating conscious choices around balance

You can connect with Dr Amir Rashidian at midatlanticclinic.com