3: Oskar Marchock on: How to find the will to Live

Screenshot-2017-10-13 How to find the will to Live with Oskar Marchock — Petra Velzeboer.png

Join me for this insightful interview with Oskar Marchock. His story of adversity includes racism, struggles with gender identity and drug addiction that nearly led to the end of his life.   Lying on a couch wishing he was dead, he describes finally asking himself the question 'If you were going to die right now, would you fight it? If your body was shutting down would you still keep trying to breathe?' Oskar's realised then that no matter how crap life got he would still fight for his breath. He realised that he would have to find a way to stop trying to kill himself, because he can see now that is what he was inadvertently doing. 

He decided to stop believing the fantasy that he wanted to die and start looking at what does it take to live! 

After 20 years of being addicted to drugs, Oskar's remarkable journey takes him through Qigong meditation, Tai Chi and taking incremental action to move him along the road to recovery. 

Join me in this inspirational story with practical tips for moving through addiction and stuck behaviours into creating a life worth living!