2: How to stop comparing from controlling your life with Nicola Arnold

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Nicola Arnold is a life coach who helps people overcome self doubt through using a gratitude practice to overcome the debilitating habit of comparing and finding it difficult to ever be happy in her own skin. 

From the date of our birth, our first steps, the education we have, the weight we are, the house we buy, the car we buy, we're conditioned to compare every aspect of our lives to others. This led to building a version of her life that was disconnected to who she really was and became a shadow of expectations from society and those around her. 

This impacted all aspects of her life, to the point that she couldn't walk into a restaurant on her own for fear of people looking at her and would spend hours the night before creating the perfect outfit of dark colours so that she would blend in with her peers. 

She runs a community of people who are learning a different way to be. Her Facebook community focuses on gratitude which creates space for joy and fully living life. She lives her life in full colour and is dedicated to helping others overcome the magnified possibility for comparing through social media and celebrity culture. 

What a privilege to learn from her story.  If you want to know more about Nicola Arnold check our her website at: www.enkindlelifecoaching.com