89. A quick Fix Guide to Healing Trauma with Cedric Bertelli

‘In 30 minutes, anyone can resolve any kind of emotional difficulties… permanently’ 

This is the belief of Cedric Bertelli , founder of the Emotional Health Institute. Originally from the South of France, Cedric moved to California as a chef, managing restaurants for years.

All his life he felt very anxious and experiencing bouts of anger and low grade depression. He trained himself to feel better, using psychotherapy or readily available methods like beating pillows or running around a fire!

Fuelled by anger towards a co-worker and the need for a better way to control his emotions, Cedric discovered the TIPI program. The program claims that in 30 minutes anyone can permanently resolve any harmful emotion. Cedric learned the technique which allowed him to resolve his emotional difficulties himself. He discovered that anger is the repercussion of fear and overwhelms us if not tackled effectively.

Enthralled by this technique, Cedric quit his job at the Ritz and moved back to France to study it in detail. He now teaches people how to resolve emotional patterns.

We Talk:

  • The difference between your cognitive brain and your subconsciousness

  • How your brain predicts based on past events

  • The importance of not trying to understand or control the emotion & instead how you need to observe it - shifting from intellectual to sensatorial

  • Re- programming your brain to be ‘safe’

  • Understanding how, in order to heal, we have to surrender

An amazing interview which challenges what we think we know about psychological trauma and healing

Connect with Cedric at www.emotionalhealthinstitute.org