1: Reaching the Finish Line with Kallen Diggs


Kallen Diggs is the career strategist and author of the international bestseller, Reaching The Finish Line. Since the Great Recession, he has helped over 2,000 people to reach the finish line in their careers. 

He has been featured in Fox News, Fast Company and Inc. Magazine.

When Kallen is not working on his next book, he writes for The Huffington Post and hosts his internationally syndicated radio show, Reaching The Finish Line.

Everyone I interview has a story and Kallen's does not disappoint. Homeless at a young age, losing his beloved grandfather, dealing with an incurable illness and learning his house burned down in a fire, Kallen has learned from experience how to adapt, build resilience and thrive in an ever-changing world. Teasing out the tips and tricks he uses to live in the moment and achieve optimum success, it is my privilege to hear the story that has made the man. 

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