99. Healing, Grief and Cult Life with my Good Friend Mei-Lan Maurits

‘I remember how we were raised to think the world was going to end every 3 years and how unconsciously this must be playing a part in my relationships ending every 3 years’

It’s such privilege to be able to think about my cult past with beautiful humans who are turning our collective adversity into our advantage! Mei-Lan is like a sister to me, we’ve seen each other during our worst teenage years, trying to test a way of living that we had no blueprint for!

Our histories are forged together through trauma, grief, love, drugs and happiness. This is the first time Mei-Lan is going deep into our past, the trauma that gets stuck in our bodies and the beautiful energetic healing that can allow us to live better lives.

We talk:

  • Our memories of cult life

  • Disassociation to cope with trauma

  • Impact of the cult on our adult lives

  • Punishments & survivors guilt

  • Fear

  • The tribulation (aka the end of the world)

  • OCD, Bulimia and control to manage the uncontrollable

  • Sexualised environment

  • Substance abuse

  • Scheduling and Conditioning

  • Experimenting with truth

  • Path of awakening

  • Remembering Mei-Lan’s father who passed way

  • Meditation & spirituality

  • Releasing of Trauma and coping mechanisms ⠀⠀

Connect with Mei-Lan at mei-lanmaurits.com and discover her sound healing and wisdom on building a life beyond adversity.