98. Struggling Artist - Myth or Fact with Clyde Riddlesbrood

‘You can’t lose hope , you have always got to have hope.’

Clyde Riddlesbrood grew up in the entertainment industry and is the Founder of the Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company. Clyde takes us through the early days of his career and the highs and lows of having his own company.

We talk :

  • Being born into the entertainment industry

  • The need for resilience in building your dream

  • The early hustle

  • Importance of habits

  • Creating accountability

  • Crash points 

  • Keeping up appearances when rebuilding

  • Work-life balance

  • Visualising success - how to create the routines to help you achieve!

I loved learning about the similarities between our entrepreneurial journeys and how taking consistent action is the key to overall success!

Discover more about Clyde and his theatre at www.riddlesbrood.com