97. After Stranger on the Bridge with Jonny Benjamin

I LOVE the fact that we didn’t just talk about the story Jonny is known for! His rock bottom, standing on Waterloo bridge ready to jump…INSTEAD we talk about the messy middle of recovery and life after one of the most well-known mental health stories in the UK.

Award- winning mental health campaigner and author of ‘Stranger on the Bridge’, Jonny Benjamin was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder at the age of 20. Struggling with his sexuality and at the depths of suicidal despair, Jonny found himself on a bridge, ready to end it all. A Passing stranger talked Jonny down from the bridge, saving his life. That one day changed everything for Jonny and he now speaks publicly about living with mental illness, helping others transform their lives & his story can be seen in the Channel 4 Documentary Stranger on the Bridge.

In this interview Jonny speaks openly with me about his rock bottom moments and his ongoing journey of wellness.

We go deep on:

  • Lack of support available

  • His new charity: Beyond change Beyond Stigma

  • Dating & when to reveal your vulnerabilities: like having a mental illness

  • The gifts of diagnosis - Empathy/Creativity/self compassion

  • Learning to be honest about the messy journey

  • Putting yourself first

  • Being Authentic

  • Trusting and letting go

  • FINALLY Being Yourself

  • The need for change

  • Public speaking

  • New Book: The Stranger on the Bridge - My journey from Suicidal Despair to Hope

Please connect with at jonnybenjamin.co.uk