96. The Magic Truth of Sound Therapy With Joh Johnson

‘Having an open mind Allows you to receive’

Joh Johnson facilities people’s journeys to empowerment using sound therapy. Sound Therapy is a powerful self-empowering tool that can allow you to feel more in control, experience less pain and more peace.

Joh talks me through what triggered her Holistic journey and how she harnessed her inner calling and discovered the magic of sound therapy. I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of holistic therapies after getting over my ban of all things alternative due to my hippy past! It’s been an amazing healing journey of energy and creating an openness to life!

We Talk

  • Letting go and trusting the process

  • Imbalance and re-balance

  • Frequencies and energies 

  • Setting Intentions & embracing life’s magic

  • The beauty of alternative therapy

  • Following your energy & your spirit instead of the ‘should’

  • Diagnosis of Breast cancer

  • Being who you are and not what people tell you to be

  • Being fearless

  • Discovery of sound therapy

We all should find the courage to step out of our comfort zones and get curious about the benefits of sound therapy to our health, both mentally and physically.

You can connect with jo at www.johjohnson.com