95. The Naked Professor - How to Strip Off The Mask of Masculinity With Ben Bidwell

“Its not just about being a man, its about being a human being’

Ben Bidwell, better known as ‘The Naked Professor’, spent 30 years wearing a masculine mask before realising that it left no space for compassion, emotions or human connection. When this started affecting him sexually, he was desperate for a way through and asked his friends life coach if she could help him!

He began realising the cause wasn’t physical but was due to a disconnect with his emotions which kickstarted his journey of understanding himself and starting the scary path of showing up authentically no matter what kind of judgement showed up!

Now a Mindset & purpose coach , Ben coaches people to be their ‘Best Self’ through self awareness and vulnerability.

We go deep on:

  • Getting naked mentally & physically

  • Living a purposeful life

  • Transforming & being internally aware

  • Conditioning of masculinity

  • Sexual impact

  • Steps to change

  • Self Exploration /Practicing courage

  • Relationships

  • Embracing emotions

  • Vulnerability

  • Meditation & Self- Connection

An open and vulnerable discussion about self discovery and the forgotten human energy that makes us whole

Find out more about The Naked Professor at @thenakedprofessor