93. Loss, Music & Finding Success With Bill Ryder Jones

“I had to move back into my mothers house,I was 23 I had to share a bed with her because I was in such a state”

What a privilege to go deep on the topics of breakdown, mental health, purpose, trauma and the music industry with Bill Ryder Jones!

Bill has been in the music industry for 20 years, starting his first band at 13, signing a record deal by the age of 16 & co-founding the band The Coral. He has since developed his career as a solo artist, singer-songwriter, musician and producer as well as talking openly about his mental health.

The experience of childhood trauma followed by the pressures of being a young musician contributed to Bill suffering from severe anxiety and dissociative episodes. His journey from Adversity to Advantage has fuelled his song writing and allowed him to have a platform to help others who suffer from similar mental health issues.

We get real about :

  • The lack of support for young people entering the creative industry

  • Adopting a persona when in a band

  • The need to invest in our mental health before we reach breaking point

  • The pressures of being a young musician

  • The death of Bill’s brother and the effect this had on Bill’s future actions and character

  • The healing power of music

  • Relationships

  • Building resilience

  • Our relationship with technology

  • Levelling techniques

  • Finding Joy

  • The lack of infrastructure for people who need help

This is a deep, honest and open conversation about loss, mental health and the lasting effects of trauma.

You can connect with Bill as well as find his latest album Yawny Yawn at billryderjones.co.uk