92. Sustaining Success - The Messy Middle of Greatness

This episode is meant to bring up more questions than it does answers! I hope to provoke your own conscious thought process about the tough decisions you need to make based on radical honesty and self awareness rather than fear and avoidance!

I get ranty about LOTS of topics that are true for me right now:

  • What sustaining success looks like

  • How to know when a relationship or ‘situationship’ has come to an end

  • The normal messy part of growth

  • How the personal development industry is f***ing us up

  • Cultivating the ability to sit with ourselves

  • Fixed mindset prevents us from truly connecting with ourselves and other people

  • Listening to ourselves first rather than anyone else, chasing another ’should’

  • Holistic Health - letting go

  • Checking your belief systems - these could be holding you back

  • Loneliness and disconnection - Why are we afraid of being alone?

  • What season are you in now? Sometimes we need to toughen-up & buckle-down & sometimes it’s time to enjoy the benefit of our hard work.

Let me know your thoughts on this thought process!

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