91. A Business Mindset with Adam Hudson

An Entrepreneur since the age of 20 , Adam built an empire and earned millions, before losing it all overnight in the financial crisis of 2008.

It’s hard to believe Adam was once at rock bottom. His businesses are thriving, he has outstanding beach views and spend time with philanthropic causes that are dear to his heart including working with entrepreneurs, helping them build businesses that do good in the world.

Growing up, Adam leaned-in on the word entrepreneur, completely driven to prove his Dad wrong and show that he could be successful. By the age of 30, Adam’s successful company earned him 8 figures before the financial crisis made him lose millions overnight. He had to sell properties and return to working within the company free for 2 years. Now effectively broke at 30 , and his ego destroyed, Adam managed to just about save his company .

With a positive mindset and a dedication to personal growth, Adam managed to make himself a millionaire again in 3 years. This didn’t come easy though and he struggled with acute anxiety, vertigo  and panic attacks which even hospitalised him. He discusses the importance of experiencing failure and the strength and lessons that lie behind insisting on the importance of nurturing your intuition in business.

We discuss

  • What is an Entrepreneur?

  • Using your adversity to your advantage

  • Failure & Mindset 

  • Crisis points - the Stress & Weight of entrepreneurship

  • Getting back to personal growth & positivity

  • Recognising the moment of rebuilding

  • Listening to intuition 

  • Entrepreneurship & relationships

An inspirational discussion about bouncing back and rebuilding when all has been lost.

Connect with Adam at www.Reliable.education