90. Own Your Life!

So I decided to get another good RANT going! The one is all about taking personal responsibility and changing your life in whatever way you see fit! Filled with tips, advice and ideas on practical ways to think & act differently!

  • I go deep on the topic of Human Connection: how it is the key factor to enhance our mental health.

  • I talk loneliness: How debilitating it is for our mental health & share ideas for disrupting small talk and going deep.

  • I get real about how we focus our attention, exciting you to your dreams and sharing ideas of how I moved from my rock bottom point to building a thriving business.

  • How to reframe everything as an opportunity for growth

  • I give ideas and tips about understanding what’s in our control and what’s out of it. This allows us to focus on our reaction to the struggle and what’s possible. Once we take responsibility , we can change things. 

  • Get conscious about your life and day - go challenge yourself and do the small things each day to move yourself forward!

Hope you feel inspired to get real with where you’re at and make the tough decisions to move your life forward. Practice courage every day in small ways and then when the big ways come you’ll be ready!

If you’re looking for a speaker to get real about fear, conscious living, adversity, change or mental health, then get in touch today! petravelzeboer.com