88. At the Brink of Death with Beth Martens

‘‘With everything stripped away and with everything gone , there I was whole, i was complete , there was nothing missing from me. I knew I could lose my body and I would still be my whole being’’

Beth Martens mentors women entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives to find their source of love-based discipline. Named as Vice President of her fathers company by the age of 25, Beth had adversity dripped through responsibility & expectations her whole life. Diagnosed with stage four Lymphoma at 29, she realised how toxic her job had become.

Not only enduring 11 months of brutal chemotherapy, Beth had to sell her house to pay medical bills , give away all her possessions and move in with her parents. Despite her spiritual background she was not able to find any positivity and was at the brink of death, ready to surrender and give her life. Beth then realised that in that moment of having surrendered everything and being ready to let go of her life, like a miracle, she saw her true self and realised she could not lose who she really was. All sorrow and unhappiness was gone and in its place pure joy. Beth had found her purpose, who she was, she saw her blueprint.

We talk:

  • The fear of uncertainty

  • Being at the Brink of Death

  • Being aligned with your true purpose

  • How to recover and thrive

  • Taking action through love rather than fear

  • The power of surrender

A truly inspiring account of self- discovery and becoming awake!

To find out more about Beth visit - www.bethmartens.com