87: Finding Your True Path with Emee Estacio

‘People are expecting you to be happy because you have a child , but here I am having all these doubts, having all this anxiety’

Emee is a chartered psychologist and Founder of the PAME Code. In this podcast she opens up about her struggle with being thrown into the unknown world of motherhood and having to leave the world of academia, which was all that she had known. She talks about the overwhelm surrounding the birth of her son, her return to work and the feelings of Imposter Syndrome that followed. Acceptance of her new role as a mother saved Emee from her darkest point and allowed her to step out of her comfort zone and tackle her fears head on.

We talk:

  • Losing your identity and purpose

  • Recognising Postnatal depression

  • Realising that fear is not your enemy

  • Letting go & embracing your new path

  • Having a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset

This is an honest conversation about the experience of postnatal depression and the realisation that embracing the new identities that come your way, will allow you to create an entirely new pathway to success.

Connect with Emee here : Website: http://thepamecode.com