86: On Health & Trauma with my SISTER Phebe Whyte

Interviewing my big sister was an amazing privilege!

I respect her journey of truth, vulnerability and openness about the struggles that make us! There was some hesitation as she said she’s not at the end of her journey and I begged her, I said, please, people need to hear about the messy middle. This is what’s relatable and powerful!

As some of you know we have a colourful blended family, my big sister’s mother passed when our brother was 2 weeks old and she inherited 3 siblings when her dad & my mum started dating…well dating…cohabiting in the free-love cult The Children of God.

Phebe Whyte talks abortion in a small clinic in Nigeria. Alone. With all the god-guilt thrown on us! She begins life in the United States, struggles with education, parties, becomes a single mother & joins the rat race.

The accumulated trauma of life and desperately trying to fit in leads her to overwhelming stress, weight issues, the threat of diabetes and stroke and finally, slipping a disc in her back forcing her flat on her back, soon to lose her job and be threatened with eviction.

It was in this opportunity of total rock-bottom that all the small seeds of growth that had been planted over the years began to blossom. Barely able to move she listened to a course by Iyanla Vanzant and started practicing all the meditation and mindset tricks to move her forward.

Her life isn’t perfect but I was inspired beyond belief when I visited her in Atlanta in February. Her entire lifestyle has changed, she’s lost a third of her body-weight, her mindset is an inspirational and she regularly practices meditation and affirmations to allow her peace on the road to growing into her full potential.

Please listen to this one!!

I am inspired and thank my big sister Phebe for being brave in going through a similar path to me & building her pain into her purpose!