85: Mental Health with Campaigner Rob Stephenson

Founder of the Inside Out Leaderboard , Mental Health Campaigner Rob Stephenson, tells us how he turned his Bipolar diagnosis into his mission to create a more honest workplace.

Rob & I often cross paths in mental health circles, speaking at conferences, consulting on change or encouraging senior leaders to be open in talking about their mental health. I had the great privilege to showcase his story in this conversation. As you know I’m fascinated by what makes some people shrivel up in their diagnosis & what makes other people, the likes of Rob, use their adversity as a catalyst to help change the world.

Diagnosed at 30 with Bipolar Disorder, he realised he’d spent a life time learning to manage the condition in order to avoid the stigma and judgement he feared if anyone found out. He listened to inspirational speaker Geoff McDonald and this planted the seed to creating his own mission of openness and connection in the workplace.

We talk:

  • Learning to live with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder

  • Managing symptoms

  • Consistent honesty - when we all like to act as if the tough stuff was behind us and now it’s all good

  • Exercise and other tips for being your best self

  • How the world of work is changing

Find out more about Rob Stephenson and the incredible work he’s doing at: https://inside-out.org #SmashingTheStigma