83: Reach the Peak with Cat Trebilco

Founder of Reach the Peak, Cat Trebilco talks burnout and how changing her business to keep her near mountains saved her.

Starting out in a corporate banking career, the toxic work environment eventually took it’s toll leading to leaving her job and struggling to know what to do with her life. Spending about 6 months under her duvet, watching bad tv & seeing friends she slowly began building her life, a whole different life, that would combine her hobby and business in ways she could never have planned.

Using disruptive questions such as, ‘if you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do’, Cat began thinking outside of the box and wondered if combining her love of mountains with her new self-development path would work. Over time, she has built a thriving coaching practice that takes people out of their comfort zone, literally onto a mountain or in a forest or lakes in a nature to disrupt their thinking and give them new perspective on their life.

It’s amazing how much fresh air, body movement & processing our thoughts without intense eye-contact, can have on our ability to find our own solutions to our problems.

If you’re interested in how the mountains can heal you & the slow steps to building your life after burnout then find Cat here: http://www.reachthepeak.co.uk