82: The Bipolar Businessman with Thomas Duncan-Bell

Known internationally as The Bipolar Businessman, Thomas has already reached 1 million people with his writing.

Thomas Duncan Bell, grew up with a destructive father in a volatile environment, his early years were raw, violent and overwhelming. Despite his raw talent on the stage, he was thrown out of a prominent theatre school because of his mental problems. Nevertheless, after battling through alcohol and drug addictions, he successfully turned his life around. Now, as an energetic keynote speaker Thomas Duncan Bell is on his way to becoming one of the UK’s most popular mental health speakers.

We talk:

  • Living with Bipolar

  • The discipline of martial arts as a mindset tool

  • Releasing built up adrenaline through healthy means

  • Self harm & suicide attempts and finally…

  • How to ask for help & build a successful career with a diagnosis

Find Thomas Duncan Bell at https://thebipolarbusinessman.com