80: How to Change Habits for Good with Maneesh Sethi

Negative reinforcement starts the habit change, positive reinforcement helps them stick!

Founder of Pavlok.com, Maneesh Sethi talks us through habit change, how negative reinforcement works better than positive praise and the device that shocks you into habit change. He has one of the most watched shark tank pitches on YouTube and wants to create a world where we can all change those annoying habits we just can’t get rid of.

Diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, he was told a book deal would never be given to anyone under 25. This spurred him to spend 8 hours a day writing a book, lying about his age and getting a book deal at 16. He went on to write a blog trying about productivity and breaking habits, experimenting on his weight loss and writing goals. He decided to experiment with hiring someone from Craig’s List to slap him anytime he was on Facebook instead of writing. This led to writing an article titled: Why I hired a Slapper off CraigsList to get me off Facebook.

As slapper has a very different meaning in the UK, this article went viral and led to countless shows featuring his story. This led to creating a first prototype using a dog collar and a shock every time he went on Facebook, which began the idea of the Pavlok wrist band that shocks you to change your habits.

Join me on this journey of understanding how negative reinforcement can change habits for the long term.

We cover sugar addiction, weight loss, waking up, smoking and how to disrupt the thought that leads you to a repeat negative habit.

If you’re interested in the wearable device you can get a 15% off using the code PETRA.

 If you’re interested in a free habit change coaching session email Maneesh at  maneesh@pavlok.com