79: Cults, Living by Fear & Forging Your Own Path

We talk cults, prejudice against women in business, bankruptcy & building life back up from ground zero.

Heather Havenwood is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, podcaster and author. She believes that when we empower women to be financially independent we empower not only them but whole communities. We talk hustle, social conditioning, following your mission even when people advise you against it and the mindset shift needed to build the foundations of something great!

We tend to look outside of ourselves for growth but the most powerful growth comes from being able to sit with ourselves in order to create what’s within us! This is so powerful for my journey at the moment as I’ve been looking to that book, that experience, that date, the work project to give me insight when really cultivating time with myself is all I need. After all, growth & scale are sexy, the actual work it takes to build is not sexy and is often a solitary task.

While getting more and more involved with a personal development cult, Heather’s business suffered until one day, her business partner emptied the accounts & left her with nothing. Her house was foreclosed and she sofa-surfed while figuring out what to do next.

We talk body alignment & learning to ask yourself the right questions to move you forward instead of pushing forward on sheer will i.e. Does it feed my confusion or strengthen my clarity?

An amazing insightful conversation about cults, navigating a path through fear & giving yourself permission (especially as a woman!) to really shine!

Find Heather at https://heatherhavenwood.com/