78: Unbroken - How to Survive Trauma with Madeleine Black

Gang raped at 13, Madeleine Black talks shame, recovery, building a good life and yes, even forgiveness.

It’s never too late to get help & recover from our past so we can live in our present. Madeleine Black is a psychotherapist, speaker and author of the book: Unbroken, which chronicles her story and her lessons for getting through trauma.

Her father & his sister, both holocaust survivors, both dealt with their traumatic past in vastly different ways. Her father finding meaning and always holding onto hope, her Aunt stuck in her trauma, developing OCD and paranoia. Madeleine and my curiosity on the topic of what makes some people thrive & some people crash, leads to an exciting conversation about mindset, attitude and how to move through the horrific after affects of trauma.

We talk:

  • A range of therapies that support people through trauma

  • Finding purpose in your pain

  • Not wanting to change the past as horrific as it was

  • How to accept and acknowledge your story

  • How to get rid of fear

  • And even … cultivating compassion for the rapists

If you’ve ever experienced trauma or want to understand more about the process of recovery then this episode is for you. Find Madeleine and her book Unbroken here: https://madeleineblack.co.uk