77: It's Never Too Late to Change Your Life with Karen Briscoe

At 59, Karen Briscoe is training for a half iron man, has scaled Macchu Picchu, run a triathlon and written a book about how consciously flipping time, (prioritising YOU!) gives you the energy to build on all your dreams.

Karen has always been a high achiever, she runs a top real-estate agency in Washington and was living the dream in success, marriage and children. On the brink of burnout from relentless achievement she had a feeling that there must be something more and set on a personal development journey to discover what that was. We discuss:

  • A world where busy-ness is the new competitive arena

  • The belief systems that tell us we can’t spend time on ourselves - hers was realising she didn’t feel worthy of starting with herself.

  • How the oxygen mask analogy really only applies in a crisis situation

  • The epiphany that changed things: She realised the only person stopping her from living the fullest version of her life was her.

  • The construct of time - how we can create time for the things we love

  • The magic that happens when you cultivate movement and an open curiosity to what comes next

  • Practical tools for having a full and exciting life not just a busy one.

This episode is packed with tips, tools for getting started and such an infectious energy that you know this amazing woman is on to something!

You can find her podcast, books and courses at: http://www.5minutesuccess.com