74: Homeless at 16 with Ed Moss

A young carer who’s mother passed away leaving him with a violent father, Ed Moss ran away from home at 16 & never looked back.

Bouncing between sofas, homelessness, local authority housing and shelters, Ed muses on living amongst ex-sex-offenders being a relief from the constant noise of home. Learning skills for survival by looking after his sick mother, when she passed away the family fell apart, his father couldn’t cope & there were many occasions when Ed’s life was threatened. Leaving home at 16 he began the long journey of trying to get help, realising early on that he had to tell the most horrific parts of his story over and over in order to get his basic needs met like food and shelter.

Ed’s survival skills included pathological positivity and always looking out for others but eventually, in the last few years the repressed build up of emotions overwhelmed him on a packed train. He simply couldn’t stop crying and lay down on the train floor, while passengers moved to create space for him but no one spoke to him. Through therapy and life experience he realised his attachment to status (he was CEO for a charity at 28) but that life could be much more joyful if we took time to feel the sadness & process the pain.

He talks surviving a broken family, the concept of forgiveness and building a family of friends, living on a boat and changing his perspective on what success looks like.

Connect with Ed here: http://www.bridgingthegap.tips @theboatelf @edmossbtg