73: The Outsiders Way In with David Thirumur

David Thirumur is a Social Entrepreneur, Youth Expert & Motivational Speaker who fought his way back from suicide, isolation and bullying in order to create a life he could be proud of.

Raised in India to a French mother & Indian father, he grew up one of 9 siblings with little money but a strong purpose of giving back to society. Feeling lost and isolated as a teenager, he convinced himself he was worthless and there was no purpose to the pain in his life. Running away overnight he considered the possibility of suicide, admitting he was probably just a coward for not following through and began to be open for small pieces of hope and learning to begin to build a life he could be proud of.

Filled with the science of habit change and practical information on how mindset changes everything, David talks us through his own experience as well as the tools he teaches to thousands of people to help them transform their lives. We discuss boundaries, how to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, the stories we tell ourselves and how they shape us and how to cultivate mental courage and manage stress.

Find out more about David at http://www.davidthirumur.com