72: How to be an Entrepreneur with Sian Winfield

The journey of building a business is hard! It’s fraught with anxiety, loneliness & self-doubt! My business coach and founder of CoStartup&Go talks us through productivity, how to manage the anxiety of entrepreneurship & how to add more time to your day!

Entrepreneurs can get lost in reacting to problems and forget to reflect and build a strategic vision for their business. Sian helps founders & CEOs think about the processes they need in place in order to scale, advises on productivity hacks, helps with strategic operations and all the little things in between that support small businesses to survive & grow.

We discuss whether entrepreneurs are born or made, the business plans she made as a child, adapting from a personal training business to her start up support company & how getting curious about what would be possible when working for yourself can allow your hidden entrepreneur space to emerge.

One of five children, she learned to have a voice if she wanted to be heard, developing independence young at boarding school, and discovered the work ethic that gave her the foundation for building a business while raising her son.

We talk about how to recognise transitions in business, how to put in systems and processes to place to adapt and keep our sanity and avoid burnout: this includes scheduling time to reflect, time with family so that it doesn’t get crowded out with work.

Her book The Lean Ways of Working is coming out in October 2019 which will distill the wisdom of getting the best out of yourself when building a business. I can’t wait! Find Sian at http://costartupandgo.com