71: How I Cured My Anxiety with Seb Abecasis

Seb, a growth manager with Timewith, talks us through crippling anxiety and how he got through it.

Growing up in the expat community, attending an international school in sunny Spain, Seb didn’t experience much adversity as a child. At 13 he attended boarding school in the UK, excited to spread his wings and find his independence. Realising he was becoming lazy, he began putting himself in situations where he had to scrap in order to develop his personality and life skills until studying at uni he had a panic attack with no reference point for what that was.

With sleep affected, overthinking and endless physical ticks and symptoms, he was convinced he had a physical illness and nothing related to his mental health. Night terrors, noises in his ears, pressure all over his body and not worrying about anything concrete, he didn’t think the Doctor’s advice of a talking therapy would have any impact and went to an osteopath instead. Starting his first job he spent a lot of his energy hiding his symptoms, facing the day minute by minute on the brink of a panic attack. Step by step he found a way to move forward, his tips include:

  • Understand your triggers - including food

  • Find purpose in your work

  • Learn to meditate

  • Nurture a set of behaviours that are consistent with someone who is ok

If you’ve ever thought that you may have anxiety then this is the episode for you.

Find Seb at https://timewith.co.uk Twitter: @sebabecasis1